The 2025 Heritage Polaris will take place on 12th April 2025. Forming part of the Canberra & Region Heritage Festival the event will take in heritage sites spread throughout Canberra and is the best bike navigation event in Australia. 

Come and make tracks in the Capital as teams of 2 (or more) riders take to the cycle paths, forests and roads seeking out a choice of checkpoints in a seven-hour event that is open to serious riders, recreational riders and teams of all ages.

Wait: you don’t have 7 hours to spare? Why not consider the Half Heritage Polaris. ‘The Half HP’ will be (almost) half the price ($100 per team of two), half the time (3.5 hours) but still 100% of the fun! 

There will be minimal advertising for this event so we will be relying on word of mouth within the cycling community. So, please, please like us on Facebook and Twitter and tell your friends! Thanks!

National Trust Heritage Polaris (and Half HP) 2025

It is being run by the National Trust of Australia (ACT) with the assistance of a grant from the ACT Governments Heritage grant program and aims to broaden the community’s awareness of the valuable history and heritage that lies within Canberra.

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Categories and Prices

Teams of two under one of the following categories



Men's Team

Men's Vets Team

Men's Super Vets Team

Price is per rider



Women's Team

Women's Vets Team

Women’s Super-Vets Team

Price is per rider



Mixed Team

Mixed Vets Team

Mixed Super-Vets Team

Price is per rider

Half Heritage Polaris


No separate categories

Price is per rider

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